NEW TECHNOLOGY – User Interface Design for Printing and Control Systems

HMI Project Hapa Laetus dashboard close-up
HMI Project Hapa Laetus dashboard close-up
HMI Project Hapa Laetus dashboard quicksettings close-up
HMI Project Hapa Laetus dashboard close-up

Touch-optimized User Interface Design for printing and control systems

For the machine and system developers Hapa AG and Laetus GmbH a common intuitive operating concept was created whose design adapts responsive to numerous panel sizes and mobile devices. The design has a clear visual information hierarchy and integrates seamlessly into the panel hardware. The modular navigation concept is workflow oriented and scalable up to plant management. Contextual help and assistance systems are an integral part of the user-centered interface. All contents can be adjusted depending on user roll, workstation purpose or machine configuration.

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The project was awarded the iF design award 2015, the Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2015 and the German Design Award 2016.


User Interface
User Experience
Mobile Devices


Web Technology


HMI Project Hapa Laetus Interface on screen and tablet
HMI Project Hapa Laetus dashboard
HMI Project Hapa Laetus information architecture
HMI Project Hapa Laetus User Interface and Interface on Screen
HMI Project Hapa Laetus on 5 diverent devices

Support for mobile Devices

Dashboard for line monitoring

Graphical separation of information layers

Optimized for Usability on industrial touch-devices

Responsive Design for several panel sizes