November 2019

Talk at the World Usability Day 2019 in Würzburgs Felix Fechenbach Haus

Every second Thursday in November, the World Usability Day (WUD) illuminates the various aspects of usability and user experience in worldwide events. This year's theme ›Designing for the future we want‹ was inspired by the United Nation’s (UN) sustainable development goals. In Würzburg too, leading experts from business and science will be part of a half-day event with a variety of user-oriented design themes.

Under the title ›Usability and Web Technology‹ in Industry, Christian Rudolph (CEO of HMI Project) used a practical example from the packaging industry and showed how usability engineering, UX/UI design and web-based frontend development is used to create innovative and configurable software solutions for special machine construction. The lecture provided insights into the process and the methods used to create a multi-award winning user interface.

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